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Christmas trees have been a part of Christmas for generations. Christmas brings our families together and unites us around the Christmas tree in celebration. For those of us fortunate enough to have a real Christmas tree as part of our holiday festivities, we know how much a real tree means to the holiday season. Christmas becomes more and more commercialized each year and the true meaning of Christmas gets lost among the plastic branches of fake trees and holiday ad campaigns. The true meaning of Christmas is tradition and family and what better way to express that then with a traditional real Christmas tree. It's not just a Christmas tree it's a holiday tradition!

Within these pages, you will find information about the history of the Christmas tree, which trees make popular Christmas trees, how to care for real trees, and holiday stories, songs and carols. You can also find Christmas tree farms near you or shop online for that perfect holiday gift by visiting the Christmas Mall.

Thank you for visiting our website and remember it's not just a Christmas tree, it's a holiday tradition!

Wishing your family the very best this holiday season!

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